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I have spent my entire adult life with a sworn allegiance to the US Constitution.  It’s a document, a series of ideas that we Americans all sign up to. While it’s just a piece of paper, it has meant that we have bloodlessly transitioned power every four years for the last couple of centuries.

Right now, the people who showed that they have more allegiance to something over that Constitution have raised their hands and said so.  One simple way to push back is to fund every one of their opponents in the next election.

Here’s the plan:

  1. Today: Here’s a dashboard which lists everyone who objected to the electoral college votes and were resoundingly outvoted (also below)
  2. One year from today: I’ll post a hyperlink to every one of their opponents in this dashboard. If there’s enough interest, then I’ll figure out how to make a single donation link that allows you to donate to everyone.
  3. I’ll bump up the posts (on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) (which should alert everyone who likes) and send emails to subscribers (you can can also sign up for email notifications by going to Tools>notification rules in the raw data), or you too can add a calendar invite to check the link above.
  4. You can censure them by donating to their opponents

Ah, a breath of fresh air, you can do something to defend the Constitution.